The 3 Best Foods to Take During Chemotherapy


No better treatment for all types of cancer has been invented than chemotherapy. This is a method in which drugs are injected into your body to combat the malignant cells. Not everyone knows the mental agony a patient has to endure during chemotherapy. The process can bring about changes such as nausea, fatigue, lack of taste, and dry mouth.

Eating becomes a routine task that they enjoy the least as the taste buds fail to detect the food that goes in. But skipping meals wouldn’t help them get over the stress they are experiencing. Indeed, they need to take a healthy amount of food during cancer treatment to have the body’s functions working optimally. All foods that are easy on your stomach and mild in flavor are to be added to your diet and make sure that they ate nutrient-dense as well. Here are a few such foods that are to be added to your diet if you are undergoing chemotherapy.

1.      Oatmeal

It is one of the best foods you can take, even when you feel completely healthy. It has several nutrients that can aid your body’s functions during chemo. Oats have a higher amount of antioxidants, carbs, and protein than other grains. Since oats contain the soluble fiber called beta-glucan, your bowels will be regulated efficiently by feeding all the necessary nutrients to the good bacteria in your digestive system. The creamy texture and neutral flavor can provide a fairly good meal if your mouth is dry or has sores. Adding berries, nuts, and honey to your oatmeal can add more nutrients and fresh flavor.

2.      Avocado


Avocados are best to serve your appetite with all the essential nutrients and calories when you lack the taste for any food. The healthy monounsaturated fat present in this creamy, green fruit lowers the bad cholesterol and raises the good cholesterol in your body. It can be supportive of the good bacteria in your abdomen and help in bulking up your stool. You can take it as a spread on the toast or as a topping on grains or soup. Try to add it your diet if you are experiencing difficulties such as constipation, weight loss, dry mouth, and mouth sores. Avocados, with its mild, versatile, and filling properties can be an excellent addition to your meal. Wash the unpeeled avocados before consuming it because harmful bacteria such as listeria can stick to the skin of the fruit.

3.      Eggs

Tiredness in the body can be fought by consuming eggs. Since fatigue is a common side effect experienced by patients taking chemotherapy, having an egg every day can help. The generous supply of fats and protein within a single medium-sized egg can provide enough nutrients for the patient’s body functions. Fats can boost up energy in your body, whereas protein maintains muscle mass. You might consider muscle mass to be unnecessary, but since you are taking chemotherapy, you need to have the strength to bear the looming stresses in your body. If you have been experiencing mouth sores, eggs can make for a great meal with their soft texture.