Top Trending Technologies


There are so many technological advancements happening as of now that it is hard to compile them in a small list. Over the last decade, growth has been significant. The technology is powering everything in our lives, and yet it has not even started to take over everything. It’s predicted that in the next few decades, the work will be automated as much as possible

Artificial Intelligence


This is one such technology that still is in its infancy but is already impressing the world. This technology enables the machines to think and work like humans. The task is to create a machine that can make decisions like humans. It is being used in Uber, SIRI, and Google Assistant. The technology is improving but it is anticipated that it will take more than a decade to let it fully grow into advanced technology. By the end of 2030, the technology will create 70 million jobs.

Data Science

Data science makes sense of many complicated data. Every day data is produced by companies. This can be anything. It is sales data, business data, or customer data. However it is in an unstructured form, and most of it can’t be understood. Data science makes sure to categorize the data, and makes sense of it. The task is to convert unstructured data sets into structured datasets. This helps the company to identify trends that help to understand business performance and customer retention.

 Internet of Things

 Internet of Things

IoT refers to a network of devices that are connected. This is used to share data and for connection purposes. This is one of the most trending technology as of now. By the end of 2025, it is expected that more than 41 billion devices powered by the IoT will be there.


Initially developed to transact the first-ever cryptocurrency, blockchain has established itself to be one of the most secure technologies. It is an electronic ledger that keeps a track of the transactions. It is made up of millions of blocksthat carry the relevant information. Since there is no central location, the chances to hack the Blockchain is almost impossible. It has not only made it in the Crypto business, but many Cyber companies are integrating the technology into their businesses.

 Virtual Reality


This technology can create an environment that may seem realistic but is virtual. It has been one of the top things that the recent decade has brought up. It is used for games where you get to be part of the game, and have a realistic experience. The purpose is to make the experience as real as possible, and to some extent, it has done it, but it is er to cover many spheres where it is developing, and it is expected that the next few years will be a boom for the VR.


Technology is something that is changing every day, and you have to update yourself with it. The coming years will see an advancement in technology and its integration in the real world.